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Welcome to Impmon-Fan-Club!

This is a group for anyone who's a fan of Impmon and Beelzemon from Digimon Tamers! Also welcome are Yaamon, Baalmon, and BelleStarrmon fans.


Anyone can join. No fuss, no muss, no passcode. Click the join link up top and you're in!

We'll periodically be choosing some rad art by rad people to put into our featured folder. When we do, we'll write a lil somethin' somethin' about them and some of their other art, too! Know someone in the club you think should be featured! Send us a note!

Anyone can submit their own art! There's no post limit. Please submit to the right folders, though, and read the rules below!


:bulletblack: Post ya stuff to the right folder. We do screen to make sure art is going where it's supposed to, and if you submit to the wrong folder we will decline it and ask that you resubmit to the right one.
:bulletpurple: No fetish art or NSFW. This includes inflation, AB/diapers, vore, macro/micro, bondage, foot tickling, ect.
:bulletblack: Any art you submit must be your own! No pixel bases, please.
:bulletpurple: You don't have to be an art god to post here! It's okay if you're still learning or just started. With that said, please don't submit anything drawn on lined paper or scanned sideways. HERE is a simple tutorial for removing notebook lines in photoshop.
:bulletblack: No submission limit!
:bulletpurple: Any submissions found to have been put in storage will be removed.


:bulletred: Featured: Reserved for admins to put featured art in! Think someone deserves a feature? Tell us!
:bulletpurple: Just Impy: What it says on the tin, folks. Art that has Impmon and Impmon alone.
:bulletred: Beelzemon: Art that features Beelzemon
:bulletpurple: Both Impmon and Beelzemon: For art containing both at the same time, but no other characters
:bulletred: Impmon and Co.: Impmon with any other canon character(s)
:bulletpurple: Baalmon: Art of Baalmon goeth here!
:bulletred: Yaamon and Other Forms: For art of Yaamon, of course!
:bulletpurple: Fanfictions: ALL writing goes here!
:bulletred: ImpmonxRenamon: For shippy ImpRena stuff, or BeezSakuya. Pick your poison.
:bulletpurple: Fancharacters and Fan-forms: Rule 63 Beelzemon? Your fan-tamer with their Impmon partner? A made-up evolution of Impmon? Impmon/Beelzemon with your fan-digimon? All goes in here!
:bulletred: Photography: Crafts, plushies, cosplays, and pictures of your collections go here!
:bulletpurple: BelleStarrmon: Art of BelleStarrmon goes here.

Remember, even if the picture includes Baalmon, Yaamon, or BelleStarrmon, if Impmon is also in the picture, it goes in Impmon and Co.
ImpmonxRenamon is for shippy art.

If you're not sure where it goes, just ask!



I swear I posted this on Halloween, but as it so happens, I am a potato head.

1ST PLACE goes to...
Pumpkin King by EleosArgentum
Pumpkin King by EleosArgentum!
This one is crazy detailed, and obviously a lot of effort and care went into making sure everything looked just right. All of the different jack-o-lanterns have their own personality, too! Seriously put me in the spooky mood.
Prizes: One Half-Color and one Full Ink  drawing from AshHavynn, and an Ink drawing from Sakeke .

2ND PLACE goes to...
Impmon's 1st Halloween by kacsasegg
Impmon's First Halloween by kacsasegg !
I still can't quite get over how precious, fun, and sweet this is. I wanna hang it on my refrigerator. And the colors and lines are so smooth and pretty! This one also nailed that Halloween spirit <33
Prizes: One Full Ink and one Half-Sketch from AshHavynn

3RD PLACE goes to...
Halloween!!! by KannaAsa
Halloween!!! by KannaAsa !
Halloween costumes together MAKE this. The mummy and witch outfits are super cute, and these two look like they're ready to go jack up someone's night and snatch up some candy. The magic effects are beautiful, too!
Prizes: One Half-Sketch from AshHavynn


Arrrrggh! Happy Halloween! by The-White-Spirit
Arrrrggh! Happy Halloween! by The-White-Spirit
The pirate costume really suits Impmon, and he looks danged PLEASED to be wearing it. This is adorable, and I love how much thought went into the little details of the coat and hat. This was a costume that had thought put into it!

Halloween Contest Entry by TheUltimateEnigma
Halloween Contest Entry by TheUltimateEnigma
This one is really something else, because it's gorgeous and crazy detailed and it was done SUPER last minute! The attention to the feather texture just kills my wrist thinking about it. Great job!

Congrats on everyone who entered! These drawings are all awesome and look great and I can't wait to see what y'all can put together for Christmas!

You can send Notes to Sakeke and I if your prizes are from us! Happy (;ate) Halloween!
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How Exactly Do You Join A Group? As You Can Tell, I Really Wanna Join.
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Wait there's a  group for this guy? :D Yay! I'm sure I speak for all when I say - best.digimon.ever!
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The uncontested truth! ;D
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Thanks for ruining my fantasys (I will still pretend that beelzemon can have me kids)
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Hello!! I was wondering if I could join? I just  adore  and love Impmon and Beelzemon!! X3
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